Wualai Walking Street

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On every Saturday, Wualai Street will be transformed into a walking street market from late afternoon to midnight running along over a distance of 3 kilometers from Chiang Mai Gate. The street offers a variety of goods including many northern foods and entertainment. But the main product which make Wualai Street is renowned to all visitors is that it features many finest silverware shops standing along the walk.

Wualai Street

For ages, Wualai Street neighbors have made a notable success to Chiang Mai for its excellent silverware manufacturing. Hearing the sound of hammer forming a silver bowl into figure, this is the cultural unique of this charming street. I highly recommended for those who want to buy some finest good one for your souvenir.
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Night Bazaar, Chiang Mai

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Night Bazzar Chiang Mai

Centrally situated in the city, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is regarded as one of the well-known markets in Thailand. It is a vast market that supports various shops and stalls.

At night bazaar, they mostly sell local handicrafts items. However, aside from handicrafts, there are also many other items sold: ‘Rolex’ watches, silk, jewelry, and more high-tech items like TVs and DVD plays and CDs. Also, when you purchase any items, make sure that you don’t forget to bargain especially when you buy more than one item. Additionally, as there are plenty of foreigners visiting, the bazaar also houses camera shops, travel agents, and internet cafes.

Kalare Night Bazaar - Chiang Mai
Across night bazaar building, there is a place where you can buy variety of foods and drinks. The Galare Plus 2 Shopping Center is a site that offers dining, dancing, and entertainment.

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Chiang Mai Travel & Business Guide

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Chiang Mai Travel - Doi Suthep

Our Chiang Mai Business Guide offers insight Chiang Mai information and helps connect people with local businesses. Chiang Mai welcomes you with warm-hearted hospitality services and striking scenery which ones will be truly indulge in. These makes Chiang Mai a home for expat community and the best hub for tourism business. We would like to recommend you to create an account and bookmark your favorite businesses for future usage, to conveniently access Chiang Mai information profile 24/7.

Lanna Fire Balloons Elephant Training Center Chiang Mai Walking Street
Lanna Fire Balloons Elephant Training Center Chiang Mai Walking Street